Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) was not networked across the whole of the United Kingdom by the ITV regions when it was originally broadcast. This resulted in varying orders and days and times of transmission around the country. Consequently, it can be difficult to present a coherent broadcast guide. Here, we present regional transmission details for Southern Television, the company which owned the broadcast franchise for the South of England region.

TX Order Episode Title Southern Television (First Transmission)
1 My Late Lamented Friend and Partner Sunday 5th October 1969, 7.25pm (B/W)
2 All Work and No Pay Sunday 12th October 1969, 7.25pm (B/W)
3 A Disturbing Case Sunday 19th October 1969, 7.25pm (B/W)
4 That's How Murder Snowballs Sunday 26th October 1969, 7.25pm (B/W)
5 Never Trust a Ghost Sunday 2nd November 1969, 7.25pm (B/W)
6 Just for the Record Saturday 9th November 1969, 7.25pm (B/W)
Break in Transmission
No further episodes transmitted until 23rd November 1969
(due to pre-emption for Royal Variety Performance on 16th November 1969)
7 Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying? Sunday 23rd November 1969, 7.25pm (B/W)
8 When Did You Start to Stop Seeing Things? Sunday 30th November 1969, 7.25pm (B/W)
9 Murder Ain't What It Used to Be! Sunday 7th December 1969, 7.25pm (B/W)
10 Who Killed Cock Robin? Sunday 14th December 1969, 7.25pm
11 But What a Sweet Little Room Sunday 21st December 1969, 7.25pm
12 The Ghost Who Saved the Bank at Monte Carlo Sunday 28th December 1969, 7.25pm
13 For the Girl Who Has Everything Sunday 4th January 1970, 7.25pm
14 You Can Always Find a Fall Guy Wednesday 14th January 1970, 8.00pm
15 The Smile Behind the Veil Wednesday 21st January 1970, 8.00pm
16 Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave Wednesday 28th January 1970, 8.00pm
Break in Transmission
No further episodes transmitted until 11th February 1970
17 Money to Burn Wednesday 11th February 1970, 8.00pm
18 Could You Recognise the Man Again? Wednesday 18th February 1970, 8.00pm
19 When the Spirit Moves You Wednesday 25th February 1970, 8.00pm
20 The Man from Nowhere Wednesday 4th March 1970, 8.00pm
Break in Transmission
No further episodes transmitted until 18th March 1970
21 It's Supposed to be Thicker Than Water Wednesday 18th March 1970, 8.00pm
22 Vendetta for a Dead Man Wednesday 25th March 1970, 8.00pm
23 The Ghost Talks Wednesday 1st April 1970, 8.00pm
24 The House on Haunted Hill Wednesday 8th April 1970, 8.00pm
25 A Sentimental Journey Wednesday 15th April 1970, 8.00pm
26 The Trouble with Women Wednesday 22nd April 1970, 8.00pm

Colour Transmissions: The Southern Television region's Dover and Rowridge (Isle of Wight) transmitters switched to colour on Saturday 13th December 1969. The first episode they transmitted in colour was the tenth in their run, Who Killed Cock Robin?.

Researched and compiled by Simon Coward and Alan Hayes

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