Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) was not networked across the whole of the United Kingdom by the ITV regions when it was originally broadcast. This resulted in varying orders and days and times of transmission around the country. Consequently, it can be difficult to present a coherent broadcast guide. In the Transmission section, we present all the different regional transmission details that we have been able to research. If you can accurately update the information for any region, please get in touch.


As an aside, it should be noted that home video releases and episode guides quoting a transmission order generally reference the London Weekend Television information. It is also worth mentioning that the series premiered two days earlier in the Midlands ATV region than in London, quite appropriately considering ITC's affiliations to ATV.


Although the major ITV companies began transmitting in colour on 15th November 1969, some franchises instead continued broadcasting in monochrome only, due to the financial burden of replacing studio equipment, cameras, transmitters and relays and as a result, the process of ITV going to colour across the United Kingdom was staggered. It was also not uncommon for there to be a significant gap between the first transmitter in a region being switched to colour and the last. The timeline for the switch to colour is often given as the main reason for the staggered regional transmission of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased); the regions did not want to squander colour material while they were still transmitting in black and white. Episodes transmitted in black and white are clearly marked in this section, whether their monochrome transmissions were due either to the region not having switched over to colour at the time of transmission or the effects of the ITV Colour Strike which ran from 13th November 1970 to 8th February 1971.


A colour-coded map explaining the ITV regions at the time of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)'s first broadcast can be found here: ITV Regions 1968-1974.


Click on the orange station logos to access each region's transmission order.



Section researched and compiled by Simon Coward and Alan Hayes


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