The editors of Randall and Hopkirk (Declassified) would like to thank the following people for their valued submissions, help and sterling support in the building of this website.

Copious thanks to...

Vanessa Bergman
Without her enthusiasm and creation of RAHDAS, this website would definitely never have happened.
Rob Allan
Derek Allen
Alex Bulgo
Simon Coward
Sam Denham
Geoff Dodd
Peter Faizey
Chuck Foster
Anita Green
David Hamilton
Alys Hayes
Rita Hayes
James Owen Heath
Garry Herring
Robert Hickey
Bruce Honey
Chris Ivory
Margaret Howells
Richard Lawrence
Chris Leopold
Jim McAlwane
Anthony McKay
Simon Morris
Andrew and Julie Pixley
Mike Richardson
Craig Robins
Claire and Michael Saunders
Darren Senior
Joan Street
Stephen Taylor
Paul Welsh
Jaz Wiseman
The Elstree and Borehamwood Museum

and members of RAHDAS, past and present


Alan Hayes, Vince Cox and John Holburn

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